My Evenflo Snugli Cross Country review: a fantastic baby carrier!

Evenflo Snugli Cross Country CarrierAsk any parent or parent to be what are the biggest problems when it comes to buying stuff for their baby, and finding a comfortable and practical way to carry their baby with them when they go out the house, will surely be topping many of their lists!

This is because most carriers, like the traditional pram for example, are actually very big and bulky, which can make even getting them through the doors of a store, or even the house, pretty difficult!

Another issue, is the fact that you’ll have to use at least one of your arms in order to push them or carry them, leaving you unable to complete some of your daily chores and errands!

But don’t worry things have now improved dramatically! New types of baby carriers have been invented and made available and they have pretty much revolutionized the way babies and toddlers are carried!

Most importantly though, they are much more user friendly than traditional carriers and much more comfortable! The most famous of those, are without a doubt the new baby backpack carriers!

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These are extremely lightweight and ergonomically designed baby carrier models that are worn exactly like ordinary backpacks!The babies love them because they keep them in physical constant contact with the parent and the the parents adore them because they are very comfortable and they also leave their hands completely free, thus allowing them to do all of their chores and errands,while also carrying their baby!

Because of this immense popularity and the great demand for baby backpacks , there are now literally hundreds of them available on the market! Now, I’m sure that you are aware that picking the right one is very important for both you and your baby, however, all those models out there, do make the process of finding the best baby backpack seem a bit confusing and frustrating!

Well, there’s no need to worry, we are here to help you! In this review we will take a look at one of the best selling and most popular baby backpack carriers on the market, the EvenFlo Snugli Cross Country Carrier! Let’s see what makes it so cool and sought after!

Evenflo Snugli Cross Country Carrier

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Evenflo Snugli Cross Country Description

Evenflo Snugli Cross Country CarrierThe Evenflo Snugli Cross Country carrier has been specifically designed for use in activities in the great outdoors! It will allow your baby to accompany you on your hiking and camping trips, without making you too tired from carrying your little bundle of joy!

How can in do that you ask? Well this Evenflo Snugli Baby Carrier is choke full of cool features, including a specially designed  5-point padded harness to keep your baby safe at all times, a  hip belt with three positions and fully adjustable sternum, shoulder and waist straps in order to evenly distribute the baby’s weight and make you feel comfortable while carrying it, mesh back and side panels that will keep you cool during the hot summer days, a special reflective “commuter” trim, a removable canopy that will keep your baby away from the sun and the rain and many convenient and cleverly positioned storage spaces and compartments!

The carrier itself is also extremely lightweight and easy to carry, but should you feel like you need a bit of rest, you can just take it off and set it on the ground for a bit! It can stay upright completely on its own!

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Evenflo Snugli Cross Country Features

  • Mesh panels!

The Evenflo Cross Countru Snugli carrier is equipped with side panels made entirely out of mesh! These will allow the air to easily flow through the carrier and they will keep both you and your baby as cool as possible, even during the hottest of summer days! Let’s just say that you won’t have to worry about breaking a sweat with this baby backpack!

  • Detachable canopy!

One of the problems with taking your child outdoors is the sun and the other ellements. Well, in order to help you with that, the Snugli Cross Country features a detachable canopy! This will help keep the sun and the elements away from your baby and should you feel that it’s not necessar, you can very easily take it off!

  • Many storage compartments!

A god baby carrier apart from comfortable should also be practical and this is where the Evenflo Snugli trully shines! It features many storage spaces and compartments, cleverly positioned all over its frame! This means that you will also be able to carry all of your baby’s “accesories” easily!

  • Vertical kickstand!

Thanks to its specially designed kickstand, the Evenflo Cross Country Snugli carrier can very easily stay upright, without the need for additional support! This makes unloading and loading the baby, almost effortless!

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Pros and Cons of Evenflo Snugli Cross Country Carrier


  1. Very lightweight!
  2. Very comfortable for both the parent and the baby!
  3. It features a 5-point harness for maximum safety!
  4. It can stand upright on its own, thanks to its kick stand!
  5. It will keep you and the baby cool!
  6. It is equipped with many spacious storage spaces and compartments!
  7. It features a detachable canopy to protect your baby from the sun!
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  1. It doesn’t feature a bib.
  2. A bit on the pricey side.

Where to get Evenflo Snugli Cross Country from and for how much.

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