Looking for the best baby carrier? Here’s the Ergo baby Ergo Sport Carrier!

Ergo baby Ergo Sport CarrierNot so long ago, when it came to picking a way to transport your baby or to take it with you on your errands, your choices were really limited, nowadays however, there are many types of baby carriers for you to choose from!

Each of those types has its own strength and weaknesses which means that you will have to think about your needs quite carefully before settling down on one! There is one baby carrier type that seems to stand out from the others!

The baby carriers backpacks are now perhaps the most popular baby carriers on the market! There are many reasons for that! First of all, they are really compact and lightweight compared to most other carriers, like the prams for example, which means that carrying and storing them is very easy and convenient!

Then there’s the fact that they are really comfortable and relaxing for the baby, since he of she will be in constant physical contact with a parent! Finally, there’s also the fact that they allow you complete freedom of movement while using them since they can be worn pretty much like an ordinary backpack!

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Due to their immense popularity, you will soon find out that shops are full of many different baby backpack models! They all look pretty much the same, but they can be really different, which can make picking the best baby carrier for you and your baby seem as easy as finding a needle in a haystack! While this is somewhat true, there is actually no need to panic!

In this review, we will take a look at one of the best selling and most successful baby backpack carrier models out there, the Ergobaby Sport Baby Carrier! A lot of people claim that it is one of the best ones ever created! Is it worthy of such praise, or is it just a case of undeserved hype? Well, read my in depth review if you would like to find out!

Ergo baby Ergo Sport Carrier Overview:

The new Ergo baby Ergo Sport Carrier has been specially designed to keep you and your baby as comfortable as possible, at all times!

Ergo baby Ergo Sport CarrierApart from its special design, it has also been built using only materials of the highest quality and state of the art manufacturing processes, in order to make it as safe as possible for your baby as well as comfortable!

Furthermore, unlike other carriers, this amazing Ergo baby carrier can be worn in pretty much any way you like! You can either wear it on your front or on your back, like a normal backpack! No matter which way you prefer however, your baby will always be comfortable and your arms will be completely free, allowing you to use them to perform all sorts of tasks while carrying your baby, at the very same time!

Finally, the Ergobaby Sport weighs just three pounds and it’s equipped with specially designed shoulder straps as well as a waist belt!

Each of those is also filled with a special foam to take away all the strain and weight transferred from the carrier to your baby! In short, you won’t even notice that it’s there while you’ll be wearing it!Impressed? The Ergo baby Ergo Sport Carrier is on sale and you can buy it through this link.

Ergo baby Ergo Sport Carrier Features:

  • Very versatile!

The Ergobaby Sport Baby Carrier can be worn on your front, your back or even on your hip and the baby will be always as comfortable as possible! This means that you can change the way you wear it to accommodate the baby’s growth!

  • Suitable for many ages!

The Ergobaby Sport Carrier can easily accommodate your baby pretty much until he or she is ready to walk! Thanks to a specially designed seat that’s included in the package, it can accommodate babies of all ages ranging from newborns, all the way till they time they become four years old! This makes it a wise long term investment since you won’t have to throw it away a few months after you bought it because your child outgrew it!

  • Ergonomically design!

Having been designed in association with paediatricians and medical experts, the Ergobaby Sport will provide your baby with the right sitting position, allowing for the baby’s hips, pelvis and spine to grow normally!

  • Comfortable to carry!

Thanks to the amazing design of this Ergo Baby Carrier, its weight will be evenly distributed all over your body while wearing it! This means that you won’t get tired easily and it also minimizes the risk of developing back problems and pains!

  • Compact and lightweight!

Because of its very compact size and extremely light weight, you will be able to store the Ergobaby Sport Baby Carrier really easily, even in a small closet, cupboard or drawer! You will also be able to very easily fit it in the trunk of your car, making it perfect for parents on the go!

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Pros and Cons of Ergo baby Ergo Sport Carrier


  1. Its ergonomic design makes it perfect for the baby!
  2. The weight of the bay will be evenly distributed while you’re carrying it!
  3. It can accommodate easily babies of all ages!
  4. Suitable for newborns as well!
  5. It can be worn on your front, your back or even on your hip!
  6. It can easily fit in the trunk of your car for easier transportation!
  7. Great price on amazon.com! Click here to get it!


  1. Better suited for taller parents.
  2. The baby can only be facing the parent while carried in it.

Where to buy Ergo baby Ergo Sport Carrier from and for how much

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