Answers to F.A.Qs about the Baby Bjorn Carrier!

In a state of pregnancy, the parent has a lot of needed baby things in mind. One of the most useful purchases concerning both you and the baby is certainly the baby Bjorn carrier. Such an infant carrier is practical for you because you have your hands free and your baby close to you.

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In general, this product is safe, comfortable and easy to use. The best combination for every new parent! Nevertheless, in order to get the best of it, you need to know some using information.

  • Which is the right age of the baby to be using the carrier?

There is no exact age because each baby is different. However, it must be able to hold the head up after the neck muscles are developed. Also, the child’s weight should be around eight pounds.

  • Is this infant carrier secure?

When is used properly, it is safe for carrying the baby.

  • Is there another kind of carrier for warm climates?

Yes, for warmer places, there is the Baby Bjorn Air carrier that is lighter in weight and more breathable.

  • For how long can the baby be carried in the carrier?

There is no specific time frame. As long as the baby is content in it, it is very important to pay attention to the child’s needs and comfort.

  • Do I stop using the baby carrier in a specific weight or age?

When the baby reaches the 26 pounds, it would be wise to stop using the backpack carrier. As far as the age is concerned, each baby is different and there is no set age of stopping.

  • How the carrier is best cleaned up?

You can spot clean it every time it is needed and you can put it in the washing machine. Use warm water to wash the Baby Bjorn Carrier and air to dry.

  • When is the time to place my baby in front?

It is advised from experts, to keep the little one facing you inside the carrier until he is ready and strong enough to hold steadily his neck-head.